OBE Resources

Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment

University Planning and Analysis, North Carolina State University
A resource bank with an extensive collection of practical internet resources for planning and designing outcomes-oriented education at the institutional and programme levels.

Specifying Learning Outcomes

University of Conecticut

A demo specifying the programme objectives and outcomes in relation to the missions of the University and the College, and the ABET criteria.

Honor degrees benchmark statements, The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (UK)
A good source of learning outcomes, organized by subject/discipline.

Designing Outcome-Based Curriculum

Guide for Busy Academics Using Learning Outcomes to Design a Course and Assess Learning
A useful starting point to look into using learning outcomes.

Mapping the Graduate Attributes, University College Dublin
Shows the mapping process of teaching units and sample course maps.

Example of a UCLA Engineering program curriculum mapping
Shows the translation of programme educational objectives to programme outcomes and the contribution of courses to programme outcomes.

Mapping graduate attributes in the engineering curriculum, Faculty of Engineering, University of Sydney
Currie, Carew, & Zaballa (2003) use the dynamic mapping process to map graduate attributes and the knowledge progression in a programme curriculum.

Sample curriculum mapping for a business program, University of Connecticut
An example of curriculum map in which the contribution of each subject to the programme outcomes (as competencies in this example) is indicated.

Sumison, J., & Goodfellow, J. (2004). Identifying generic skills through curriculum mapping: a critical evaluation. Higher Education Research & Development, 23(3), 329-346.

Robley, W., Whittle, S., & Murdoch-Eaton, D. (2005). Mapping generic skills curricula: a recommended methodology. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 29(3), 221-231.

Robley, W., Whittle, S., & Murdoch-Eaton, D. (2005). Mapping generic skills curricula: outcomes and discussion. Journal of Further and Higher Education, 29(4), 321-330.

How to write the Program Objectives / Outcomes

Integrating Professional & Generic Outcomes

The Griffith Graduate, Griffith University
The site features tools and resources designed to help staff and students monitor and develop graduate skills in the curriculum.

Graduate Capabilities, University of New South Wales
A site designed to support individuals, groups of staff, schools and faculties in the development and assessment of graduate attributes at UNSW.

Graduate Attributes Project, University of Sydney
The site features case studies of teaching graduate attributes from across all discipline and information about university and faculty projects on generic attributes

Teaching invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship in engineering
An article by Wang, E.L., & Kleppe, J.A. in the Journal of Engineering Education (October 2001, pp.565-570) describes an example of developing entrepreneurship in the context of an engineering programme using a capstone project.

Assessing Learning Outcomes

Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education
A professional association for assessment practitioners at colleges, universities, and higher education support organizations. It provides resources and a forum to support assessment practitioners’ professional development and the open discussion of issues, strategies, policies, and processes associated with higher education’s use of assessment as a tool to improve student learning and institutional effectiveness in fostering student success.

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment: Making Learning Outcomes Usable & Transparent
NILOA aims to discover and disseminate ways that academic programs and institutions can productively use assessment data internally to inform and strengthen undergraduate education, and externally to communicate with policy makers, families and other stakeholders.

Authentic Assessment Toolbox
Authentic Assessment Toolbox, a how-to hypertext on creating authentic tasks, rubrics and standards for measuring and improving student learning.

Select or Design Assessments That Elicit Established Outcomes, NCREL North Central Regional Educational Laboratory
A ten-step assessment design process.

Assessment Resource Centre
The Assessment Resource Centre (ARC) features a wide range of important issues related to assessment. It is one of the initiatives of the Enhancing Teaching and Learning through Assessment project - an UGC funded inter-institutional collaborative project involving the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the University of Hong Kong.

Metarubrics for Assessing 15 Essential Learning Outcomes
Developed by the Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project through synthesizing common criteria and performance levels from numerous individual campus rubrics.

Office of Educational Assessment, University of Delaware
Developed by the Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project through synthesizing common criteria and performance levels from numerous individual campus rubrics

Student Portfolio

Hong Kong

  1. SPECIAL ePortfolio, Hong Kong Polytechnic University,

  2. Portfolio of Essential Attributes, Knowledge and Skills, HKUST

  3. e-Portfolio 101, HKU


  1. Student e-Portfolio, Queensland University of Technology

  2. Students Portfolios Support, University of New South Wales

  3. The Recording of Achievement, University of South Australia


  1. Career Portfolio, Florida State University

  2. Student e-Portfolio, Penn State University

  3. Rose Portfolio System, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

ePortfolios: Assessing Student Learning and Program Outcomes (an online article)

Overcoming Obstacles to Authentic ePortfolio Assessment (an online article)

Capstone Project

The Capstone Experience: A Definition, University of Missouri-Columbia
A definition and examples of possible capstone experiences

Preparing Students for Successful Capstone Experiences
UC Berkeley’s self-report on undergraduate research activity and capstone experiences

Senior Capstone Design Course, Civil and Ocean Engineering at the Texas A&M University
Students are required to complete an engineering design project equivalent to the assignments professional engineers receive

Mathematics and Computer Science Capstone Experience, Macalester College
The required capstone experience consists of participation in senior capstone seminar, undertaking a supervised independent research, writing a substantial paper on the research, and then presenting the paper in a public forum.

Programme Outcomes Assessment Plans

California State University at Sacramento
Academic Program Assessment Plans index page.

Montana State University
Program assessment plans and results organized by college ('96-'97 & '98-'99). Curriculum revision practice in 96 - 99 includes revision on learning outcome and the assessment plan.

Northern Illinois University
Contains Program Assessment Plans organized by college.

Oklahoma State University
University guidelines for writing program assessment plan with assessment plan tips & checklist, examples and actual plans.

Stanford University
A framework for conducting effective assessment.

Southeastern University and College Coalition for Engineering Education
Information on Outcomes Assessment including survey instruments, Using Portfolios for Assessment, Curriculum Renewal guidelines and manuals for Engineering Education.

Southern Illinois University
University’s assessment plan.

University of Nevada, Reno
A stepwise guide to help you in developing a plan for student outcome assessment. Contains examples of curriculum map, curriculum revision, and assessment plan.

Building Curriculum at a Course Level


Writing Course Learning Objectives


Writing and Assessing Course-Level Student Learning Outcomes

Developing & writing course-level student learning outcomes



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