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Q-OBE™ is a Learning Management System (LMS) for Universities, Colleges, Schools and Vocational Institutes to maintain and improve Quality of Education using OBE (Outcome Based Education) / AOL (Assurance of Learning ) Methodology. We support Bloom’s Taxonomy and OBE / AOL Accreditation Requirements of followings

Washington Accord | ABET | AACSB | Seoul Accord | Dublin Accord | Sydney Accord

OBE (Outcome Based Education)

Outcome-based education (OBE) is an educational theory that bases each part of an educational system around goals (outcomes). By the end of the educational experience each student should have achieved the goal.

Outcome Based Education Methodology is instrumental to

  • Maintain standard of Education
  • Fulfill requirements of Curriculum
  • Accreditation requirements ( Washington Accord, ABET)
  • Satisfy needs of Industry
  • Continuously Improve and evolve Educational Programs
Meets Washington Accord, AACSB and other reporting requirements for accreditation
Multi User Environment with Privileges of Customization
Complete Cloud based Solution with LMS/CMS Integration
Built in templates of PLOs recommended by global accreditation alliances
Dashboard to View Overall Progress of Programs
Economical Customizations & Support Service availability
Web Based System allows access from any device
Powered by Amazom Web Services™

OBE (Outcome Based Education)

  • Create/ Manage Multiple Campuses, Departments, Programs, Batches, Faculty, Courses, Students , Course Sections
  • Separate User Accounts for System and Faculty members
  • Assign a type (Cognitive, Psychomotor, Attributes) with desired Level.

Universities Manage Their Own Accounts

In Cloud version, Quality OBE offers each University / Institution facility to manage their data. They can submit/share the reports (read only) online to Accreditation Authority like Pakistan Engineering Council. Account is password protected. Universities / Institutions can create campuses, departments, programs, faculty, yearly enrolls, batches, students, facilities.

Program Objectives / Outcome Management

Program Education Objectives (PEOs) have relationship with Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). PLOs are achieved by number of Course learning Outcomes (CLOs). Quality OBE facilitates to add as many Class Activities (like Quiz, Assignment, Mid Terms) as you want to meet CLOs.


Other than class activities, Surveys like Interviews from Alumni, Employer surveys, interview from graduating students are a way to measure achievement of Program Education Objectives. Our carefully tailored surveys help you to evaluate achievement of Program Education Objectives.



  • Create/ Manage Multiple Campuses ,Departments, Programs, Batches, Faculty, Courses, Semesters , Students , Course Section , Class Activities
  • Flexible Mapping of PLOs with CLOs and mapping of CLO with Multiple Class Activities
  • Both Detail and Consolidated reports available which can be exported in PDF and Excel.
  • Export Data in PDF / EXCEL


  • Separate User Accounts for System and Faculty members
  • Assign a type (Cognitive, Psychomotor, Attributes) with desired Level.
  • Advance Reporting
  • Configurable Rules engine to set Passing average for Course and Program.
  • Offers features to take note of corrective measures for PLOs not met.
  • Offers features to record measure and assessment of measures taken for PLOs not met.